“As a large manufacturer, it’s comforting to find clients like Atlas still exist. A family owned business with strong values and a “do unto others” attitude. Atlas is dependable, tenacious, and always looking for a win-win.”

Indianapolis, IN

“Even when we don’t have a major project under construction, we can call on Atlas for troubleshooting, recommendations, service, and solutions.”

Columbus, OH

As an Architect, it’s easy for me to bring an Owner’s vision to life. It’s not always so easy to make that vision functional. When we’re talking doors, frames, hardware, and access control, it’s nice to have Atlas as a resource. Their knowledge and experience are valuable.”

Louisville, KY

“With Atlas, you get a guarantee of sorts, that they’ve got you covered. You don’t have to stress about scope gaps or being nickel and dimed for changes. There’s a level of integrity; they bring value to your project that goes far beyond price tag.”

Lexington, KY