Division 12

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Casework and Furnishings

Over 10 years ago, Atlas began supplying and installing Casework. Our staff have the expertise to manage your project and meet your expectations. The products we offer are of the highest quality.  Some of our product offerings include:

  • Laminate Clad Casework
  • Music Education Casework
  • Floor Mats
  • Fixed Audience Seating
  • Telescoping Bleachers
  • Laboratory Casework
  • Library Furnishings


Stevens – Laminate Clad Casework, Music Education Casework
Brodart – Library Furnishings
Campbell Rhea – Science Casework 
Hussey Seating Co. – Auditorium Seating, Telescoping Bleachers

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On January 5, 2014

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